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Overview of Transformer Maintenance Theory

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In order to promote the effective development of China's power system, in the maintenance and testing of substation equipment, personnel need to carefully analyze their actual problems, develop targeted response measures based on their characteristics, and seek effective solutions to ensure the effective operation of the entire power supply system. This is not only the main responsibility of meeting electricity consumption enterprises, but also the basic requirement to meet electricity demand. Therefore, in this environment, predictive analysis of equipment failures based on grasping the status of substation equipment and taking targeted measures can have a very positive impact on the normal operation of hospital substations.

1. Overview of Transformer Maintenance Theory

At present, the substation maintenance work we refer to mainly refers to the corresponding inspection and maintenance of electrical equipment that may encounter certain dangerous problems during actual operation. Through scientific and reasonable maintenance, various dangerous factors that may be encountered are removed, and then the safe and stable operation of the power system is ensured to the greatest extent possible. For substation maintenance personnel, in the actual maintenance process, the main task is to carry out corresponding maintenance on equipment and links that are prone to dangerous accidents. In addition, corresponding inspections should also be carried out on faults caused by various human factors or dangerous problems caused by electrical equipment aging. Ultimately, electrical equipment should undergo corresponding inspections to eliminate all possible dangerous factors and ensure the safety of substation equipment Stable operation.

2. Analysis of Key Issues in Substation Maintenance Test Work

2.1 Equipment status issues

① When the substation equipment itself is incomplete and there are changes in equipment maintenance, the level of equipment maintenance and testing will be significantly reduced; ② When conducting maintenance experiments on substation equipment, relevant staff members need to combine their professional knowledge and work experience to carefully observe and analyze the equipment. However, many staff members have not paid enough attention to this and have neglected various details during equipment operation. This not only makes it difficult to detect potential defects and faults of the equipment in a timely manner, but also after a period of operation, Equipment defects and malfunctions will continue to expand, leading to safety accidents; ③ The implementation of condition based maintenance is not in place. The main purpose of condition based maintenance is to ensure equipment safety and operational reliability as the foundation, adopt strategies such as comprehensive state evaluation, risk identification and evaluation, provide equipment maintenance decisions, ensure that equipment operation is always in a safe and reliable state, and control maintenance costs within a reasonable range. The role of condition based maintenance is very significant. After introducing condition based detection, relevant technical personnel can grasp the history and current operating status of the equipment in the office, accurately predict its future, and organize experts to remotely diagnose and make maintenance decisions for equipment with potential faults through the network. However, from a practical perspective, the implementation of condition based maintenance is not in place, and there are many practical problems that affect its normal functioning.

2.2 Lack of a relatively complete maintenance and testing plan

On the one hand, due to the lack of a comprehensive maintenance and testing plan, it is difficult for the personnel responsible for maintenance and testing to cooperate and cooperate appropriately during the work process, which can easily lead to work errors; On the other hand, in the absence of a comprehensive maintenance and testing plan, in the face of sudden situations that occur during the operation of substation equipment, workers generally become helpless and unable to solve them correctly, leading to the inability to continue normal work and the occurrence of safety accidents. This not only hinders the maintenance and testing work of substation equipment, but also may endanger the safety of workers' lives.

2.3 Employee Professional Issues

Due to factors such as lack of professionalism, incorrect operation, and accidental entry into live areas by staff, maintenance personnel may experience electric shock, which can also affect equipment operation and cause power supply obstacles. In special cases, it can also lead to problems such as current transformer explosions and medical equipment short circuits, causing certain economic and reputation losses to the hospital. At the same time, relevant maintenance personnel still need to further improve their ideological awareness, safety awareness, and personal qualities. They have a loose attitude, lack autonomy, neglect equipment management, and lack enthusiasm to improve their work quality when dealing with practical problems.

2.4 Measurement errors

During the testing process of substation equipment, due to the influence of external environment, measurement errors may occur during the maintenance of the substation equipment. In addition, there are also some urgent problems that need to be improved, such as the low accuracy of measurement methods and instruments used in the test, which can lead to misjudgment of the repair results. In the actual measurement process of substation equipment, inaccurate instruments are an important factor leading to misjudgment of test results.

3. Solution measures for maintenance and testing problems of substation equipment

3.1 Strengthen the importance of maintenance work

In response to the insufficient attention given by many leaders of power enterprises in China to the maintenance of substation equipment, it is necessary for them to change the current situation, continuously increase the training of management personnel, and improve their awareness, so as to fully realize the importance of substation equipment maintenance work.

Therefore, in order to ensure the smooth progress of substation equipment maintenance work, the following aspects can be strengthened: ① Clarify the important goals and objectives of substation equipment maintenance work, and the maintenance personnel related to substation equipment in power enterprises must conduct in-depth research and learning on their goals and objectives, so as to ensure that every maintenance personnel can clearly understand the importance of doing a good job in maintenance work; ② For power enterprises, corresponding systems for substation maintenance work can also be established internally, so as to clarify various maintenance items; ③ For maintenance personnel related to substation equipment, in their actual maintenance work process, they should also strictly follow the rules and regulations of the power enterprise and scientifically and reasonably allocate responsibilities according to team arrangements, ensuring that all work and corresponding responsibilities can be implemented to individuals. Then, a scientific and reasonable reward and punishment system can be implemented within the enterprise, Thus, it can stimulate the initiative and enthusiasm of maintenance personnel to the greatest extent.

3.2 attach great importance to maintenance and testing in terms of ideological awareness

To fundamentally improve the level of maintenance testing and ensure quality, as maintenance testing personnel, we must first recognize the important role and significance of maintenance testing, and then attach great importance to maintenance testing in terms of ideological consciousness. Based on this, for power enterprises, internal management adjustments should be made to comprehensively strengthen personnel education, training, and work guidance. In practical work, power enterprises can adopt methods such as conducting special education and training activities to improve the professional level and business ability of their staff, and introduce assessment and incentive mechanisms to enhance the enthusiasm and initiative of personnel. In addition, power enterprises should also formulate comprehensive rules and regulations, and strictly implement them to constrain and regulate the behavior of all operators themselves. The correct and appropriate allocation of maintenance and testing work, as well as the establishment of corresponding reward and punishment systems, can effectively reduce or avoid problems caused by human factors, ensure the smooth completion of maintenance and testing work, and achieve the expected work goals.

3.3 Improving the overall quality of maintenance and testing personnel

On the one hand, power enterprises should actively take measures to improve the professional level of relevant staff. For example, power enterprises can provide training and assessment for the staff responsible for maintenance and testing. Through training, the technical level of the staff can be improved. Through assessment, the quality of relevant staff can be tested, and staff can be urged to strengthen their own quality; On the other hand, personnel responsible for maintenance and testing should consciously learn and improve their technical level. As maintenance and testing personnel, they should have a sense of worry and competition, and consciously participate in various training courses to strive to improve their professional level. At the same time, staff should also pay attention to accumulating more experience and analyzing and researching problems in their daily work.

3.4 Establish a distinctive modern maintenance management system

After integrating one's own problems and learning advanced experience, it is necessary to establish a modern maintenance management system. Priority should be given to establishing an information technology department, building a good maintenance management system, ensuring the efficiency of power maintenance, and effectively sharing information exchange. Establish job responsibilities for the hospital substation, such as familiarizing the duty personnel with the operation methods of the distribution room, cultivating their sense of responsibility, sticking to their positions, ensuring that maintenance calls are answered 24 hours a day, and maintenance personnel are responsible for timely maintenance. Monthly inquiries are conducted on facilities such as sprinklers and fire pumps. Hospital duty personnel are not allowed to enter the substation without authorization, and special needs need to be registered and signed.

3.5 Strengthen communication between power enterprises

In response to the current lack of effective communication among Chinese power enterprises, the relevant leaders of Chinese power enterprises must give sufficient attention, increase communication between enterprise leaders, learn from and exchange with each other, and thus form a unified policy and management system within the industry. Moreover, it is necessary to regularly organize experience exchange meetings for substation equipment maintenance personnel, through good communication, to timely grasp effective methods for handling problems, and to share maintenance matters that need to be paid more attention to during the maintenance work process. This can enable peer units to form a relationship of mutual help, cooperation, and cooperation, and to have closer connections with each other. This can also ensure that the information that various enterprises in the power industry can access is shared with each other, ultimately achieving experience accumulation. From this, it can be seen that establishing a sound information sharing mechanism, allowing information to be shared in a timely manner, will promote the healthy development of the power industry to the greatest extent possible.

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