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Energy storage will promote the large-scale development of new energy in China

Time2023-07-31 13:24:47 Authoradmin hits2

Energy storage mainly refers to the storage of electrical energy. Energy storage is also a term in petroleum reservoirs, representing the ability of reservoirs to store oil and gas. Energy storage itself is not an emerging technology, but from an industrial perspective, it is just emerging and in its infancy.

So far, China has not reached the level where the United States and Japan treat energy storage as an independent industry and introduce specialized support policies, especially in the absence of a payment mechanism for energy storage, and the commercialization model of the energy storage industry has not yet taken shape.

Energy storage is mainly based on the following two points:

The rapid development of the wind power photovoltaic industry will drive the development of the large capacity energy storage industry. Energy storage technology has largely solved the problems of randomness and volatility in new energy power generation, achieving smooth output of new energy power generation, effectively regulating changes in grid voltage, frequency, and phase caused by new energy power generation, making large-scale wind and photovoltaic power generation easy and reliable to integrate into conventional power grids. The future of energy storage batteries should lie in the wind and photovoltaic industries, with the wind power industry, which has already been heavily deployed, as the main focus. Wind power resources are unstable, and in addition, the latter half of the night when wind power resources are large is a low valley for electricity consumption. Therefore, although the wind and photovoltaic industries have developed rapidly in recent years, they have been plagued by the word 'grid connection'. The application of energy storage technology can help wind farms output smoothly and 'peak to valley'.

The good development of new energy vehicles, especially electric vehicles, is beneficial for the development of the power battery energy storage industry. Four ministries have launched pilot programs for subsidies for private purchases of new energy in five cities, with a focus on subsidies for pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. With the development of electric vehicles, high-efficiency energy storage batteries will gradually replace internal combustion engines. With the gradual decrease in battery costs and increasing maturity, the ability to replace internal combustion engines will gradually increase.

Energy storage technology can be said to be the core of the new energy industry revolution. The enormous development potential of the energy storage industry will inevitably lead to fierce competition in this market. If policies are in place, China's energy storage industry can rapidly grow into an emerging strategic industry with significant global influence, and it will also greatly promote the large-scale development of new energy in China.

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