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The first power plant side energy storage direct control pilot enters the frequency modulation market

Time2023-07-22 17:51:47 Authoradmin hits9

On August 15th, with the instruction of the dispatchers from Guangdong Power Dispatching and Control Center of Southern Power Grid, the 30 MW/15 MW hour energy storage system of Shanwei Xiaomo Power Plant officially entered the frequency regulation market. This is currently the largest energy storage auxiliary frequency regulation system in China, and the first innovative pilot project for power plant side energy storage direct control in China. It marks the transition of energy storage scheduling from power plant side control to power grid direct control, and a new breakthrough in the energy storage business model.

According to Yang Yinguo, Minister of Grid Connection and New Energy Department of Guangdong Power Dispatch Control Center of Southern Power Grid, electrochemical energy storage has a millisecond response speed and is a scarce flexible regulation resource in the power system. However, due to the limitations of the business model, many power plant side energy storage systems operate on their own, without mutual cooperation and unified command and scheduling of the power grid. It is like a wandering army, which makes it difficult to fully play the role of energy storage and solve system problems such as new energy consumption and safe and stable operation of the large power grid.

In order to implement the national strategic policy of promoting the development of the energy storage industry, Guangdong Power Grid has pioneered the power plant side energy storage direct control mode, actively guiding the industry towards the development of 'energy storage+' applications. By building a flexible and efficient unified control and service platform for energy storage, the rapid coordination and scheduling of multiple energy storage systems within the network can be achieved, providing auxiliary services such as peak shaving, frequency regulation, and emergency control for the power grid. According to Dr. Lu Qiuyu from Guangdong Electric Power Dispatching and Control Center, energy storage is like energy carriers running on highways, while direct control mode builds an intelligent command hub that can coordinate energy carriers of different speeds and capacities, allowing them to drive safely and orderly according to the needs of the power grid. Through the innovation of direct control scheduling mode, the flexibility resources within the power grid have been greatly revitalized, which can significantly improve the safety and stability of the large power grid and the ability to absorb new energy, making energy storage truly a 'sharp tool' for building a 'clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient' modern energy industry system.

Chen Hua, the person in charge of Xiaomo Power Plant, introduced that the direct control mode allows for energy storage on the power plant side not only limited to auxiliary unit frequency regulation, but also diversified choices and profit models, which can maximize the efficiency of energy storage operation and greatly stimulate the enthusiasm of energy storage investment. The direct control mode fully reflects the positioning of Guangdong Power Grid as a platform oriented enterprise and value chain integrator. By expanding the energy storage application market, it injects new vitality into the energy storage industry and leads a new growth point for the upgrading of the energy storage industry. The energy storage application in the southern region will usher in a new business scenario.

According to calculations, the energy storage project of Xiaomo Power Plant is charged and discharged at full capacity twice a day, which can assist the power grid in consuming 11 million kilowatt hours of new energy annually and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 8760 tons. The electricity provided can meet the electricity demand of 20000 air conditioning users throughout the summer, delay the investment in power transmission and transformation of the power grid, and bring a peak shaving profit of 10 million yuan to the power plant, achieving a win-win situation among the power plant, users, and the power grid.

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