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Overview of Substation Inspection and Repair Theory
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In order to promote the effective development of China's power system, in the maintenance test of transformer substation equipment, the staff should carefully analyze its practical problems, formulate corresponding measures according to its characteristics, and seek effective solutions to ensure the effective operation of the entire power supply system. This is not only to meet the main responsibilities of power enterprises, but also to meet the basic requirements of electricity demand. Therefore, in this environment, on the basis of grasping the status of transformer substation equipment, the prediction analysis of equipment failure and the adoption of targeted measures can have a very positive impact on the normal work of hospital transformer substation.

1. Overview of Substation Inspection and Repair Theory

At present, what we call substation maintenance mainly refers to the corresponding inspection and maintenance of electrical equipment which may have some dangerous problems during actual operation. Through scientific and reasonable maintenance, we can remove all kinds of dangerous causes that may be encountered, and then ensure the safe and stable operation of the power system to the greatest extent. For substation maintenance staff, in the actual process of overhaul, the main thing is to carry out the corresponding overhaul of the equipment and links prone to dangerous accidents. In addition, it is necessary to carry out corresponding checks on the faults caused by various human factors or the dangerous problems caused by the aging of electrical equipment, so as to make the electrical equipment undergo corresponding checks and eliminate all possible problems. Hazardous causes ensure the safe and stable operation of substation equipment.

2. Analysis of Key Problems in Substation Maintenance Test

2.1 Problems in Equipment Status

When the transformer equipment itself is incomplete and changes with the equipment maintenance, the level of equipment maintenance and test will be greatly reduced; when the transformer equipment maintenance experiment is carried out, the relevant staff need to combine their professional knowledge and work experience to observe and analyze the equipment carefully, but many staff members have not paid enough attention to it and neglected the operation of the equipment. In this way, it will not only make the potential defects and faults of the equipment difficult to be found in time, but also after a period of operation, the defects and faults of the equipment will continue to expand, resulting in safety accidents; (3) the implementation of condition-based maintenance is not in place, and the main purpose of condition-based maintenance is to ensure the safety and operational reliability of the equipment as the basis for comprehensive evaluation of the condition. The strategy of risk identification and evaluation gives the decision-making of equipment maintenance, so that the equipment operation is always in a safe and reliable state, and the cost of maintenance is controlled within a reasonable range. After introducing condition detection, the relevant technical personnel can grasp the history and current operation status of the equipment in the office, predict its future accurately, and organize experts to make remote diagnosis and make maintenance decisions through the network for equipment with potential failure. However, from a practical point of view, the implementation of condition-based maintenance is not in place, there are many practical problems, affecting the normal play of its due function.

2.2 Lack of relatively perfect maintenance test scheme

On the one hand, because of the lack of perfect maintenance and test plan, it is difficult for the staff in charge of maintenance and test to cooperate properly in the process of work, so it is easy to make mistakes in work; on the other hand, in the absence of perfect maintenance and test plan, facing the emergence of substation equipment in the process of operation. In unexpected situations, the staff will generally become helpless and unable to solve correctly, resulting in the work can not continue to carry out normally, easily leading to the occurrence of safety accidents, which will not only hinder the maintenance and testing of substation equipment, but also may endanger the lives and safety of staff.

2.3 Employee Professionalism

Because of the lack of professionalism, incorrect operation and incorrect access to live area, staff members will have electric shock, which will affect the operation of equipment and lead to power supply obstacles. In special cases, it will also lead to current mutual inductance explosion, short circuit of medical equipment and other issues, which will cause certain economic losses and reputation losses to hospitals. At the same time, the relevant maintenance personnel still need to be further improved because of their ideological understanding, safety awareness and personal quality. They have loose attitude in dealing with practical problems, lack of autonomy, neglect of equipment management, lack of enthusiasm to improve work quality and so on.

2.4 Measurement Errors

During the test of substation equipment, due to the influence of external environment, the overhaul of substation equipment may have measurement errors. In addition, there are some problems that need to be improved urgently, such as the low accuracy of measurement methods and instruments used in the test, which will lead to misjudgment of the overhaul results. In the actual measurement process of substation equipment, the inaccuracy of the instrument is an important factor leading to the misjudgment of the test results.

3. Solutions to the Problem of Substation Equipment Maintenance Test

3.1 Strengthen Attention to Maintenance Work

In view of the insufficient attention paid by the leaders of many electric power enterprises to the maintenance work of substation equipment, the electric power enterprises in China must change the status quo, constantly increase the training of managers and raise their awareness, so as to fully realize the importance of the maintenance work of substation equipment.

Therefore, in order to ensure the smooth maintenance of substation equipment, the following aspects can be strengthened: (1) The important objectives and objectives of the maintenance of substation equipment should be clarified accordingly, and the relevant maintenance personnel of substation equipment in power enterprises should be strengthened accordingly.



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