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Energy Storage will Promote the Scale Development of New Energy in China
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Energy storage mainly refers to the storage of electric energy. Energy storage is also a term in petroleum reservoirs, representing the reservoir's ability to store oil and gas. Energy storage itself is not a new technology, but from the industrial point of view it is just emerging, is in the initial stage.

So far, China has not reached the same level as the United States and Japan regarding energy storage as an independent industry and promulgated special support policies. Especially in the absence of a payment mechanism for energy storage, the commercialization model of energy storage industry has not yet taken shape.

Energy storage is mainly based on the following two points:

1. The rapid development of wind power and photovoltaic industry will promote the development of large-capacity energy storage industry. Energy storage technology solves the problem of randomness and fluctuation of new energy generation to a great extent, realizes smooth output of new energy generation, effectively adjusts the changes of grid voltage, frequency and phase caused by new energy generation, and makes large-scale wind power and photovoltaic power generation easily and reliably integrated into conventional power grid. The future of energy storage batteries should be in the wind power and photovoltaic industry, especially in the wind power industry, which has a large number of layout. Wind power resources are unstable. In addition, the latter half of the night when the wind power resources are large is the low point of electricity consumption. Therefore, although the wind and photovoltaic industries have developed rapidly in recent years, they have been plagued by the word 'grid-connected'. The application of energy storage technology can help the output of wind farms smooth and 'fill valleys with peaks'.

2. The good development of new energy vehicles, especially electric vehicles, is conducive to the development of power battery energy storage industry. Four ministries and commissions have launched a pilot scheme of subsidizing the private purchase of new energy in five cities, which focuses on subsidizing pure electric and plug-in hybrid power. With the development of electric vehicles, high efficiency energy storage batteries will gradually replace internal combustion engines. With the gradual decrease of battery cost and the increase of maturity, the substitution ability of internal combustion engine will be gradually enhanced.

Energy storage technology can be said to be the core of the new energy industry revolution. The huge development potential of energy storage industry will inevitably lead to fierce competition in this market. If the policy is in place, China's energy storage industry will not only grow rapidly into a new strategic industry with important global impact, but also greatly promote the large-scale development of domestic new energy.



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